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You may use this site for the following courses:

Health I
This course includes units on values clarification, decision making, teen depression and suicide prevention, with the intention of dealing with these situations in a positive manner.  In addition, factual information on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs and AIDS will be presented.

Health II
Topics to be covered include human reproduction, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual risk and responsibility, teen pregnancy and parenting, marriage and family structures.   Self-esteem, values clarification and decision making are stressed throughout the course.
Sports Activities
Utilizing the Sport Ed. Model, Students will apply knowledge of rules, team roles, officiating techniques, games history and strategy to racquet sports and team sports. The objectives are to enhance physical fitness, team cooperation, ethical competitive values and a lasting interest in lifetime physical activities.
Cooperative Activities & Orienteering
Through play, outdoor skill development, trust, and team building activities students will explore outdoor pursuits and challenge elements. Challenge elements will include ground, low intiatives, and climbing high ropes course elements.  Outdoor pursuits will include climbing, hiking, knot tying, and orienteering.

Applicants for Peer Leadership 2014-2015 will be considered based on completion of the following tasks:
Phase 1:
1. You MUST attend a short informational meeting on Thurday, February 27th at 2:30 in the front gym.

2. You will need to create a plan to improve one aspect of our school or community and present your plan using any type of technology (video, slideshow, etc). ~~You will not be present during the viewing of your plan, so please be sure that your presentation is extremely detailed. Your presentation may not exceed four minutes in length. ~As you consider your plan please keep in mind you will be asked to implement this plan next year in class.

3. You are required to write a one to two page essay answering the following questions. What characeristics do  you believe a peer leader should embody within the school and community?  What characteristics do you possess that would make you the perfect candidate and why?

All initial application materials must be submitted by March 10th.

Phase 2:
The candidates will be narrowed down at this point. ~Finalists will be invited to sign up for an interview (appointments will be made on a first come first serve bases) and should ask a teacher for a recommendation to be submitted at the time of interview.

Assignments 10/5-10/9
Health I - Alcohol Unit

Health II- Baby Project

Sports Activities- Badminton

Cooperative Games- Teach a skill

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