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Health I
Health II
Marine Biology
Peer Leadership

Welcome to Mrs. Billouin's web page.

You may use this site for the following courses:

Health I - This course includes units on values clarification, decision making, teen depression and suicide prevention, with the intention of dealing with these situations in a positive manner.  In addition, factual information on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs and AIDS will be presented.

Health II - Topics to be covered include human reproduction, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual risk and responsibility, teen pregnancy and parenting, marriage and family structures.   Self-esteem, values clarification and decision making are stressed throughout the course.

Peer Leadership - This elective is designed to achieve two objectives: first, to acquaint students with information about current social issues. Second, to give students hands on experience with multiple methods of relating to and presenting information to large and small audiences of various ages.  

Marine Biology -  This course surveys the plants and animals in the ocean, their habitats and how they relate to changing geological, physical, and chemical properties of the sea.

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