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Art Explorations Major/Minor
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Art Explorations Major/Minor       

Course  7414/7413

Students who have demonstrated a high degree of competence in one or more mediums, and who have also proven themselves capable of great initiative and personal commitment in their art-making, may enroll in this course with the permission of a member of the Art Department willing to serve as their instructor.  In essence, this course is a supervised and minimally structured independent study.   The emphasis is on in-depth exploration of themes and materials.  Students may choose to concentrate on one medium and/or theme or genre for the whole year, or may decide instead to shift their emphasis from one quarter to another.  Students are required to keep a journal/sketchbook, maintain a portfolio of research and experimentation, and produce one major art work — or a series of related smaller works — each quarter.  The year's work will culminate in a final exhibition/assessment activity involving thoughtful and effective presentation design to communicate their work and their learning to a public audience.

Major:  Periods per cycle:  4   Credits:  5     
Minor:  Periods per cycle:  2   Credits:  2.5   
Prerequisite:  A minimum of two years of art and permission of both one art instructor willing to serve as the student's mentor and the Program Director.

1.  Learning Objectives

        The student who successfully completes this course will have learned:

a.  how to use their chosen medium in a variety of ways
b.  various ways to present an idea or concept
c.  ways to decide what mediums, genres, styles, and forms are best suited to express a variety of
emotional and intellectual content
d.  how to experiment, brainstorm, and produce thumbnails for potential projects
e.  how to plan and carry out long-term projects effectively

2.  Learning Experiences
        In this course, students will:

a.  plan and execute major projects or series of smaller related works
b.  communicate plans and ideas to their instructor by means of both sketches and written proposals
c.  modify plans as necessary to accommodate technical limitations or the evolution of ideas and motivations
d.  participate in critiques with a degree of sensitivity to their own and others' intentions and artistic development, and with an awareness of a range of past and contemporary art work relevant to the work being examined
e.  keep a journal/sketchbook of work
f.  design and construct an installation/presentation of their work for the annual K-12 Art Festival.

3.  Course Outline  

Students will produce at least one major work or series of related smaller works per quarter. Individual critiques will be on-going but very brief; more extensive critiques will occur 1-2 times per quarter, and, logistics permitting, Art Explorations students will participate in one significant group critique each quarter.
 - Students will submit a typed proposal (email or google doc) and sketch for each quarter's work at the beginning of that quarter, describing the project and the materials that will be used that term.  

 - They will also write a brief reflection on their work at the close of each quarter (even if the project is not completed). If the same project will be continued into the next term, they will include that in the proposal for the next term.

Homework - 1 hour of homework is due at the end of every week.  This can be research, sketchbook drawing, or working on the term's project.

4.  Course Materials: Same materials that are available for Art 4.

Students will have access to all materials in the art department as needed and as practicable.

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