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Course Expectations
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Artroom Expectations
Art 1 Minor
Art 2 Major/Minor
Art 3 Major/Minor
Art 4 Major/Minor
Art Explorations Major/Minor
Senior Art Page
Ceramics 1 Minor
Ceramics 2 Major/Minor
Ceramics 3 & 4 Major/Minor

Artroom Guidelines and Expectations for all students

All rules and guidelines defined in the student handbook apply in the art room:

1. ABSOLUTELY NO THROWING OF ANYTHING ANYWHERE FOR ANY REASON. If you do you will immediately get a detention.

2. Absolutely NO CELL PHONES or any electronic devices are to be used in any way during class. They should be turned OFF and STORED AWAY. If you use one I will immediately send you to the office and it will be taken away. Except for IPADS -

3. Appropriate Ipad use only. Students will be working on class projects, NOT playing games, doing random searches, personal email or messaging.

No FOOD or drinking except water bottles. Leave covers on when not in use so no spills happen.
If you arrive to class late you MUST have a note WITH you from a teacher or you will be considered tardy.  Do not expect to be able to go back and get a note during class time.
Repeated tardiness that adds up to 25 minutes counts as an absence.
Reasonable conversation in the art room while working is fine, but should not be loud, offensive or distracting to other students or the teacher.
Keep bathroom requests reasonable.
Do not do homework from another class!

Students are evaluated on their art room performance, their final product, and their attendance/promptness (and for Art 3/4 Majors, homework).  You will receive a separate art room performance grade in Aspen for each project.

Art room performance includes: respect, responsibility, effort.
Showing up to class on time and ready to work.

Students show respect for each other, themselves, the teacher, and everyone’s artwork.

Students show respect for the room and materials – all materials, equipment and tools should be used responsibly, then thoroughly cleaned and properly stored at the end of the class. Tables must be wiped down so a clean surface is left for the next student.

Ceramics – please give the tables a final wipe down at the end of class to remove any clay dust. (The room is also used for 2-D art classes).

Leave tables clear for working – store backpacks, books etc. under the tables.
All art work should be stored in its appropriate place (folders for 2-D and labeled shelves for sculpture/ceramics).

Students should stop working and be attentive during demos/instruction.

Stay on task throughout the block.

Approach your work with care, be willing to learn from others, take risks.

Participate in class critiques –Be prepared to reflect thoughtfully upon your own and others’ art work and be willing to share insights and perceptions with others constructively.

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