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Mr. Peters
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Math Intensive
Algebra 1 Level 3
Algebra 1 Level 4

Mr. Peters currently teaches Algebra 1 Levels 3 & 4 as well as Personal Finance Levels 3 & 4.

Mr. Peters' Algebra 1 classes can find all of their assignments at

Parents and tutors of Algebra 1 students can sign up for an i4class login so they can keep track of their child's progress real time (no more waiting for ASPEN to be updated).

Parents of Personal Finance students can email Mr. Peters for an update on their child's progress. (We're still working on digitizing the Personal Finance curriculum.)

Good reading for students and parents alike:

Inside the Teen Brain.doc    ALL people who live or work with teenagers should read this article!

"How The Brain Learns" by David Sousa
"How The Special Needs Brain Learns" by David Sousa
"How The Brain Learns Math" by David Sousa

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