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JGMS Grade 6 Band
WELCOME TO 2009-2010!!!  Listed below is a copy of the opening letter and class expectations for the JGMS Bands.  I'm looking forward to an exciting year!  Don't forget to mark performance dates on your calendars now!!

Best to you all,
Mr. Felker

The bands will meet on DAY 1 and DAY 4.  Grade 8 will meet period 1, Grade 6 period 2, and Grade 7 period 3.
Students are expected to have their instruments, music, extra valve oil or reeds, and at least two pencils for every rehearsal.  Starting in Grade 6, band is not just an extra activity.  Band is a GRADED CLASS, so students must be at EVERY rehearsal if they are not absent from school and are expected to have their instrument every day 1 and 4.

It is important that parents and students know that band period is not a time to make up tests or homework for other teachers, they should use lunch, after-school or other arranged times.  We can only improve if all members are at every rehearsal possible.

Students will be graded each term based on the following:
Class Attendance and participation (see below)
Concert attendance (33% of the term’s grade)
Evaluation of playing ability (at Mr. Felker’s discretion)

As of this year, 2009-2010, I have done away with practice sheets.  There has been confusion with due dates and turning them in as I am often out of the building.


Concert Dates (You MUST attend these performances or have a reduced grade)
1.      Winter Concert-December 9, 2009-7pm in JGMS Auditorium
2.      All-Town Band Vertical Concert- April 8, 2010-7pm in BHS Auditorium.
3.      Spring Concert-June 9 –2010-7pm in JGMS Auditorium
EXTRA HELP: Mr. Felker will be available during most lunch periods on days 1 and 4 and directly after school if students need extra help with music.  Just let me know ahead of time if you’d like to come in by seeing me in class or leaving a note.

CONCERT DRESS: Concert dress for all performances is as follows:

Boys-White shirt (preferably with tie), black pants and socks, black shoes
Girls-White top/blouse with black pants or long skirt and black shoes.  

Proper attire is expected at all concerts.  Please plan accordingly


Class participation will be assessed daily according to the following rubric:
 5 points/Exemplary:  Student is always actively and purposefully engaged in classroom learning.  Student always follows daily procedures and takes responsibility for learning.  Student is always on task.

4 points/Proficient:  Student is usually actively and purposefully engaged in classroom learning.  Student usually follows daily classroom procedures and mostly engages with full attention to the lesson.  Student is usually on task.

3 points/Proficient:  Student is sometimes actively and purposefully engaged in classroom learning.  Student usually follows daily classroom procedures and sometimes engages with full attention to the lesson.  Student is on task half the time.

2 points/Developing:  Student is sometimes actively and purposefully engaged in classroom learning but is also sometimes disruptive.  Student interrupts daily classroom procedures and distracts others from the lesson.

1 point/Insufficient:  Student does not engage with classroom learning, .follow classroom procedures and is disruptive so that the lesson cannot be carried out.  Student takes no responsibility for learning.

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