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 JGMS Grade 7 Class Guitar

I am glad to have each of my students in the guitar classes for the second semester.  This course is intended to be an overview of the instrument and it’s various applications. You will learn basic skills such as proper posture and technique, while learning to play some chords and reading some single-note melodies.  Students will also work on playing duets (one student plays the melody while the other plays chords).

The guitar class is geared for the student who has never played guitar before.  While experienced players are welcome, all students must demonstrate the ability to play class materials, even if it comes very easily.

Though guitar class is a choice, or elective, course, both students and parents should bear in mind that this will be a graded class and not just a “fun” activity.  There will be assignments to complete and expectations to meet, as well as behavior standards that you would find in any classroom. Granted, what we do is different from Math or Science on an activity level, but all school expectations do apply.

Students will be graded on the following terms:
1.      Daily class grade- Students will receive a daily grade from 5 to 1 (5 being the highest) based on being on time, following directions, taking care of equipment, and class behavior—65%
2.      Completion of assignments- the material will be organized in packets per unit.  Students can work at a pace that is comfortable for them, but they must continue working. –35%

Class topics will include:

                                        **Naming parts of the guitar

                                        **How to handle the instrument/proper posture

                                        **Technique and care of the guitar and strings

                                        **Basic open chords and finger coordination

                                        **Melody reading and playing

                                        **Strumming patterns and techniques

                                        **Listening to and studying various styles of guitar playing
                                           and the artists who made them famous