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BHS Music Technology Class
Mr. Felker
2.5 Credits


Extending Voice Manipulation

The music tech class is designed to introduce students to the musical possibilities available through the use of technology.  Taking the music technology class fulfills a student's music requirement at Bedford High School. Students are not required to have any extensive musical background...only a willingness to learn and explore.  Those who have studied music at a higher level will uncover new music making opportunities that don't exist outside the tech lab classroom.

We work in three primary formats:  MIDI Music Notation, MIDI Music Sequencing, and Digital Audio Recording/Editing/Manipulation.

Music Notation Software

Finale uses MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology with a keyboard or point-and-click entry to create real, printable music scores that can also play back into audio files.

Freeware Audio Recording Software

Audacity is a simple, free program that students can use to record from multiple sources.  Students can get audacity for home use for free at:


Midi Sequencing and Audio Software

Mixcraft is a sequencer and digital audio workstation (DAW) that acts as a digital “tape recorder.” It can use MIDI keyboard information, digital audio, and audio “loops”; a common means of producing current pop and R & B music. Music can be multi-track recorded; allowing students to overdub instruments and voices on top of one another.

Mixcraft can also utilize video for film scoring and sound effects editing.

Class Requirements and Grading

***Students will be assigned based on technology goals and musical form and composition.  Because Music Technology is an entry-level music course, projects will be assessed based on the meeting of individual project goals, not necessarily the "quality" of music created (which is totally subjective in any case).   

***There will be a daily 5-point participation rubric for each class.  Students will be rated on timeliness to class, preparedness to work, participation during class, and behavior.  Students who meet all class requirements will receive a daily grade of "5".  

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