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  The BHS WORLD DRUMMING class is in it's 13th year of existence as of Fall 2015!  The initial enrollment was 13 kids in the fall of 2002 and has now grown to 5 sections totalling 86 students.

Though not an official "performance class," world drumming students have performed in various venues in the school community including  
  BHS Cafeteria Foyer (lunch period entertainment)

Annual participation in BHS Multicultural Assemblies

Davis school Grade 1 African Music assembly

Participation in “Global Voices” African culture assembly

The majority of the World Drumming class focuses on learning the techniques and musical styles of the African Djembe Drum. The drum's history and tradtions are far too numerous and diverse to cover in a single school year, so students are focused on basics with good techinque in the hope that they can learn to respect the instrument and the culture from which it originated.

Beyond the understanding and basic practices of the djembe, it is Mr. Felker's hope that students might be motivated to discover more about djembe playing outside of class and keep it as a skill or hobby for life.  


Class Structure and Grading

Each class contains a range of drumming activities including:

**Free exploration of drums ("jammin'")
**Review exercises in technique and hand position
**Coordination exercises
**Beats and multi-layered Djembe rhythms from Africa
**Diverse rhythms from other world cultures
**Insight into the social and sacred implications of drumming in other cultures.
**Improvisation/Call and Response Drumming
**Composition of original rhythms


Each term grade for students in the World Drumming Class is based

70% for class participation (which includes attendance, timeliness, hands-on effort in playing, participation in group activities, cooperation and the observation of standard acceptable classroom conduct)

20% on performance/playing tests

10% on quizzes and class folder contents

Benefits of Hand Drumming:

Check out these interesting articles on how drum circles and hand drumming can have positive effects on people as individuals and groups:

"The Benefits of Hand Drumming" (speaks about Alzheimer's patients, but is applicable to all) (this is part of a website that sells drumming programs, but the health section is very good)


2015 MMEA All-State presentation
Reaching Non-Performing students in High School and Middle School through World Drumming"

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