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Guidelines for Submission
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How the review process works

Welcome to the STYLUS web site.  STYLUS is Bedford High School's magazine for creative writing and art.  Our mission is to promote creative writing and visual art generally , and especially within our school and the local community.  In addition to providing writers and artists a forum for their work, the staff of STYLUS also gives writers constructive feedback, and we are always ready to explore other possible ways to fulfill our mission.


Here (just below) is a link to the electronic version of the 2016-17 edition of STYLUS (cover shown just above), with many artworks in full color:

We encourage submissions of any such work -- creative writing, including stories, poems, short plays, creative non-fiction, and so forth, and any art work that will reproduce reasonably well in grayscale -- from all members of the BHS community, including students, faculty, staff, and even recent graduates of BHS.  

Send all emails, including inquiries and submissions of work, to:  

We humbly offer the following prompt (see link just below), which involves three lists that you can use to generate ideas for a story or other piece of writing.  One list provides settings, while another suggests characters, and the third gives you some plots, premises, or situations.  By mixing and matching from the various columns, you may concoct some exciting combinations, but please feel free to use any or all of the items on any of the lists as best suits your creative needs.  As you will see, the document is a simple three-column affair:

Get more detailed information on submitting both writing and visual art by clicking on the "Guidelines for Submission" tab.  

Please be aware that all work is reviewed anonymously: the faculty advisor takes your name off the writing before bringing it to the STYLUS staff.  (But you do need to submit your work under/with your own name, in order that we can communicate with you!)  We take fairness seriously!

If you submit one or more pieces of writing from an iPad, please send each piece as a separate file, though you can attach multiple pieces to a single email.  
Writing sent from iPads should be sent as pdf files; this can include shared Google Drive files.  
Writing sent from computers can be sent as .doc files; this can include shared Google Drive files.


Here is an electronic version of the 2015-16 edition of STYLUS:
The title immediately below this message is a link, but so is the image above:
just click on this copy of our cover and you'll be transported to the entire magazine.

Here are electronic versions of a few more editions of STYLUS from the fairly recent past: