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Michael Griffin
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General Information
All schools wishing to participate in the WSSL must email Michael Griffin by September 20. In your e-mail include – the coaches name, school name, school address, school phone, and home phone.
Also, send the name and category of the event your team will run and the preferred month.
There are no dues to join the WSSL, Only a commitment to host a meet every three years.  The hosting school will assume all costs for hosting the meet. Each school will host one time over a three year period.
Meets will begin at 4:00 pm. Event sponsors should gear their event to last approximately 45 minutes – one hour. Try to keep the grading quick and efficient. I would like to announce the winners of each event by the end of snack. If you need help with grading set up the scoring so other coaches can help. Each event should require a minimum of 4 participants.
All coaches need to help out with events. If you are not sponsoring an event send me a list of events you would like to help out with. I hope to give each sponsoring coach an assistant to help run and score events. I need event runners for all TBA’s, please help!!
Materials – If you are in need of anything for your event, send me a list of what you need and I will try to track down the materials.
B-Teams – Any event can have B teams on 2 conditions, the host school can accommodate them and the event sponsor gives the OK. Note: B teams will be scored only after all A-teams have been scored. B-team scores do not count to the league standings.

2006-2007 Final Standings
1. Newton-North
2. Concord-Carlisle
3. Acton-Boxborough
4. Bedford
5. BU Academy
6. Newton-South
7. Belmont
8. Wellesley
9. Chelmsford
10. Weston
11. Westwood
12. Reading Memorial
13. Medfield
14. Lowell
15. Wayland
16. Burlington
17. Needham
No Snow Please!!!
Snow Policy – It will not snow on days of league meets. OK, if your school does not have school or dismisses students early you will not be penalized for the meet if it is held. Safety is the most important thing here. If you feel it is truly unsafe to drive, call me and Email me about your decision to attend. No team will be penalized for unsafe travel conditions. The league covers a wide area of Metro Boston and not all weather conditions are equal in all areas.
Hosting schools that must cancel a meet for weather conditions need to contact me ASAP and be prepared to host the meet on the following Thursday. I will notify all schools of the cancellation via phone and Email. All teams will be expected to attend the make up meet one week from the original date.
WSSL 2005-2006 Final Standings
1. Newton South - League Champions
2. BU Academy
3. Acton Bosborough
4. Wellesley
5. Belmont
6. Concord-Carlisle
7. Wayland
8. Burlington
9. Westwood
10. Medfield
11. Bedford
12. Lincoln-Sudbury
13. Needham
14. Lowell
15. Weston
2007-2008 Standings
1. Newton-South
2. Acton-Boxborough
3. Belmont
4. Bedford
5. Medfield
6. Concord-Carlisle
7. Newton-North
8. BU Academy
9. Chelmsford
10. Westwood
11. Weston
12. Wellesley
13. Reading Memorial
14. Wayland
15. Burlington
16. Lowell
17. Needham
2008-2009 Final Standings
1. Belmont
2. Acton-Boxborough
3. Newton-South
4. Chelmsford
5. Reading Memorial
6. Concord-Carlisle
7. BU Academy
8. Newton-North
9. Wellesley
10. Wayland
10. Bedford
12. Medfield
13. Lextington
14. Weston
15. Westwood
16. Burlington
17. Needham
18. Lowell

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