Continuing Geometry / Algebra 2
Mrs. Blake

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Course Outline

Welcome to Mrs. Blake’s 2016-2017 Continuing Geometry / Algebra 2 class!
Here are some helpful hints to ensure we both have our best year yet!

Class:  -Bring a pencil, homework, 3-ring binder with ruled paper, questions, and a positive attitude!  A calculator is required on RARE occasions.
-Do not bring food, candy, or carbonated beverages.  Water is OK.
-No P.E.D.’s (cell phones, iPod's, etc.) If seen or heard, they’ll be taken away!
                -iPad use may be restricted and follows rules set in the BHS iPad Agreement.
                -iPads will be used for Khan Academy, Socrative work, etc., but NO games!

Binders:        -Date every entry – class notes, handouts, homework, etc.
                -Label every assignment with page(s) and problem numbers and date.
                -Always use pencil and eraser.
                -Your binder should have separate sections for homework, class notes and handouts, quizzes and tests, etc.
                -I will give you assignment sheets, which you should place in the front of your binder. Refer to these often to remind yourself of upcoming quizzes and tests.

OTL / HW:       -Name, date, and label every assignment with page(s) and problem numbers.
                -Always use pencil and eraser.
                -There will be a minimum of 30 minutes of homework per night.
-Use graph paper with a straight edge for construction of lines, etc.
                -I may collect it to correct, or we will correct in pairs or individually in class.
                -When grading, I’m looking for neatness and thoroughness (Show all work!).

Grading:        See Grade Distribution and Guidelines.
-Homework, quizzes, tests, class work, effort, and behavior.

Absence:        You are responsible for obtaining notes, completing homework, and making up quizzes or tests within the same amount of time that you were absent plus one more day upon your return to school.

Extra Help:  I am available every day before or after school for at least a half hour.  Please see me any time you feel unsettled about any aspect of your work.

If you have any questions, you can call me at school at 275-1700 x8024 or e-mail me at

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