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Math Department Homework Rubric

95 to 100% complete and explanations for any incomplete problems, labeled with section/page #/problem set, all diagrams/graphs drawn, detailed work shown, easy to follow
Mostly complete, partially labeled, few or no diagrams/graphs, work shown, easy to follow
50% complete, partially labeled, few or no diagrams/graphs, some work shown, challenging to follow
Less than 50% complete, not labeled, and little work shown, few or no diagrams/graphs, difficult to follow

Opportunity to Learn (OTL) or Homework (HW) Scoring Rubric:

Why do homework?

Math is a subject that requires practice and effort to learn.  Learning requires action on the part of the student.  Passive observation will lead to partial understanding.

What should it look like?  Heading:

Name:____________________               Date:__________         Assignment:  page(s) and problem numbers

How are OTL's or HW's graded?

At the start of each class, I will check your homework and stamp it according to the rubric below.

2 (smiley)
1.5 (OK)
1 (Not OK)
Homework is completely done in a neat and organized fashion.
There are few, if any, problems missing.

All diagrams/graphs are drawn.
Detailed work, which supports the answer, is shown.
Homework is done in a fairly neat and organized fashion but a few problems are missing.
Work is shown for some problems, but not all.
Not all diagrams/graphs are drawn well.
It’s good, but could be better.
Homework does not meet criteria for neatness.
A significant number of problems are missing.
There are answers, but not a lot of work.
There is room for significant improvement.
Homework is passed in late.*
Work is sloppy and/or disorganized.
More than half of the problems are not done.
A list of answers with no work.

You show up but your homework does not.

Can I make up an OTL or HW? (*You contacted me before class and there was no opportunity for extra help.)

Yes, if you are absent.                                 No, if you just didn't do it.
Yes, if you were confused, but tried.*                  No, if you gave up without an honest effort.

What if I miss class but come in to school late or I am dismissed?

Check your assignment sheet or email me if you are not sure of assignment(s) when absent.

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