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Mrs. Blake                              Notebook Maintenance                            B101
At the end of each quarter, I will distribute a two-pocket, three-fastener folder (portfolio) for you to put all of your homework, notes,
worksheets, quizzes and tests from that term into organized, chronologically-ordered sections to turn in for your notebook grade.  
These portfolios are useful tools to study for Mid-Year and Final Exams.  
Each quarter you will start fresh with an empty three-ring binder to organize and fill again as the new term progresses.
Your portfolio should have your name, course, block, and term number on the cover.  The three sections should be HW (homework) in the 1st section, CW (classwork, notes, handouts - can be sub-divided) in the 2nd section, and Q & T (quizzes & tests) in the last section.  Each section should have a divider (colored paper or something that stands out) and be in chronological order (old to new).  All papers need to be 3-hole punched and fastened into the 3-prong section.  The portfolio is graded on a 5-point scale and is worth 5% of your term grade.


Portfolio Grading Guidelines


100% complete, well organized, chronological order, and goes above and beyond.


Same as above, just not above and beyond.


~80% complete, HW or a quiz or test missing, or not all in chronological order, neat.


0.25 missing, sectioned but not all in chronological order, not so neat.


1/3 missing, sectioned but not in chronological order, not so neat.


½ or more missing, not organized, thrown into prong section, sloppy.


No effort, not organized, not sectioned, not in prong section, sloppy.


Not turned in.

-½ pt.

Each class day late.

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