The Gifted and Talented/ Enrichment Program
Davis and Lane Elementary Schools - Bedford, MA
Mrs. Sarah Dorer
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Welcome to... The Gifted and Talented/Schoolwide Enrichment Program
Bedford Elementary Schools K-5

         It is the philosophy of the Bedford public schools that the educational programs will, among other goals:
                *       recognize and provide for individual differences
                *       establish positive success patterns for each child
                *       stimulate a true desire for learning
                *        and consider the child as a "total personality" including his/her physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and aesthetic welfare.1
        The core values of the district also state that "all students and staff":
                *       are active, life-long learners;
                *       are respected for their differences, uniqueness and abilities
                *       are treated with dignity
                *       develop a social consciousness
                *       think critically, solve problems and take risks.2

        It is a fundamental belief in Bedford that while all children are equal in terms of their rights within the school environment, not all children are the same.3 All children have the right to be challenged within the school curriculum and, as such, the Gifted Program exists to ensure that the academic, social and emotional needs of the highly-intellectually, gifted children are addressed and that these children have the chance to be motivated and invigorated by the learning process within the school environment. The Schoolwide Enrichment component of the program is intended to promote teaching and learning strategies and experiences that enhance the elementary curriculum for all students.
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2. District Report Card, Bedford Public Schools, 2003
3. Report by the "Blue Ribbon Gifted and Talented" Committee, May, 1998